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The African American Music Association, Inc. (AAMA) was established to preserve, protect, promote and to foster the continued development of African American music and the legacy of those who compose, record and perform the music.


The AAMA is a tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) entity.  It is organized exclusively for charitable, cultural and educational purposes.  Its primary goal is to offer programs and activities to the community that will assure a better quality of life for persons pursuing performing arts as a career.  The “total well-being” of the artist, through human and personal development, is the overall goal.

The African American Music Association (AAMA), a District of Columbia nonprofit organization, was created to preserve, protect and foster the continuous development of African American Music and those who compose, perform, and record it. Organized primarily for charitable, cultural and educational purposes, the AAMA offers programs and activities to the community that will assure a better quality of life for youth and for persons interested in pursuing the performing arts as a career. Human and personal development through cultural arts activities is the overall goal. AAMA programs include Business of Music Seminars, Health Awareness Fairs and the ever-so-popular Marvin Gaye Day Celebration – a fundraising event held annually to support our Marvin Gaye Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

The AAMA remains committed to developing the minds and sprits of as many young people as possible, using music and multi-media as the vehicle to open lines of communication, and to empower them with positive messages and valuable information. 

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